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American Pride Xpress Carwash is committed to environmental protection and water conservation. We are in the water management business. Our goal is to recycle every drop.

Water Conservation Strategy

The car wash industry uses a very small percentage of water, less than 2 tenths of 1 percent of the total water pumped daily. However, we have a responsibility like every other business activity to conserve water. Our sedimentation tanks filter 100% of the water used in our car washes. We have reduced our city water consumption by approximately 70%, by incorporating new Technology, Recycling and Reclamation systems.

American Pride formed an engineering team with a stated goal to develop the most efficient Water Management System in our industry. Initially, we developed a base line of water consumption for each car wash system by manufacturer compared to the quality of the wash. This investment was based on the most advanced equipment Technology.

The remaining categories, Recycling and Reclamation, are also important investment decisions that have to provide a return. The benefits to the environment are enormous; the reduction in water consumption, removal of soils and pollutants from the wash water, and the discharging of pretreated water to the sanitary sewer system, we thereby reduce water required to operate the city sewer treatment plant. We recycle up to 90% of our water, which provides more for our customers.

American Pride delivers a win/win approach for our environment and utility provider. Also, the car wash Customer is a winner if they are environmentally sensitive. A home wash on an impervious surface, the runoff and road film (a combination of dirt, hydrocarbons, oil and grease, etc.) will go into the storm drainage system and/or ground water. When washing vehicles at home on an impervious surface, the runoff and road film (a combination of dirt, hydrocarbons, oil and grease, etc.) will go directly into the storm drainage system and/or ground water.

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