About Us

Our Mission Statement

Frog-FamilyThe employees of American Pride have formulated a mission statement, which is the essence of who we are and what we stand for. First and foremost, it is our purpose to serve our Creator, Lord Jesus Christ. We must be faithful to Him, knowing that He will be with us in all things. In doing so, we have to provide professional and quality service to our customers, and be an outstanding corporate citizen.

Our Philosophy

American Pride is what a company should be: a careful blend of many different personalities, abilities, ideals and goals; a unique entity constantly changing and meeting new challenges. American Pride has been carefully planned and executed. We do not take the easy path, but the best path, one of excellence and integrity. Perhaps we cannot control our challenges, but we are responsible for how we handle them.

Our Promise

Our promise is to offer the best service in order to create and maintain customer loyalty. The customer is our primary focus. We will exceed our customer’s expectations on every visit by providing each customer with friendly, efficient service and making them feel welcome.

Our Environment

Our commitment to water conservation means that our habitat has more water to balance our ecosystem without polluting our lakes, streams and rivers. We offer the best technology and biodegradable solutions in the world to clean your car and to help maintain your investment. Want to learn more about our water conservation efforts and technology? Click here.

Our Customers

We believe that car washing can be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience for the customer. It is important to greet each customer with a kind word and a smile.

Our Goal

Our goal is to be the car wash of choice. This decision is always made by the customer. We must consistently aim high to be an effective team member and to earn the customer’s business.